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Terms of Service

Keep your password safe, if you lose it, you may request it again and it will be emailed to you.
You can only have one account. If you try to make more, you will be suspended.
Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.
Accounts can not be sold, or passed on to another person other than the creator.
We will not modify your account unless requested.

You may refer 50 referrals. Thats the maximum.
We dont use any referral bots. Other bux sites use that for fake rented referrals.
We dont! We only use true human referrals.

You may not refer others in your household or with the same IP.
Any spamming will cause your account to be suspended.
A referral can not edit his upline.

Do not attempt to cheat, you will be suspended.
Do not attempt to edit information through hacking, you will not succeed.
If your account is terminated, we may decide to pursue further action.

All payments will be made via PayPal. No other method of payment is available at this time.
You must have a VERIFIED PayPal account to receive payout. If you attempt to request payout
with an UNVERIFIED PayPal account it will be denied. And if you attempt to request payout
to an UNVERIFIED PayPal account more then twice, your account will be suspended or deleted.
We will pay you when you are number one in the pending queue. Premium members have priority.
The minimum cashout is $2.
Second payout is $5. Third payout is $7. All other payouts after that is $10.
You may only request one payment at a time.
All issues caused by the payment processor are not our fault.
We will pay to the payment address on your account.
We can decline any payments of user suspected of cheating.
We will NOT pay, and we DO suspend users that stops clicking ads after reaching a cashout limit.
We and our advertisers dont want 'hit and run' users or 'Refback sites' at SweBux PTC.

We do not accept illegal content nor frame breaking websites.
Users can view ads every 24 hours.

You may pay using the methods provided.
You will not receive any refunds.
Payments are confirmed using IPN.
If IPN fails, contact us at admin@swebux.net
Any attempts to chargeback or refund will end with your account suspension.

We can suspend any account at anytime for any reason.
Accounts will be deleted with all records of them.
We will keep certain information to idenify cheating accounts that are suspended.
Accounts can be deleted for inactivity.

We will not be liable because of acts of War, God, or Nature. Or any other random things.
We can edit our website at anytime for any reason.
We will not be held responsible for anything out of our control. This includes anything cause by our users, host, or service providers.