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Refbackusers suspended!
Posted by: admin on 01 Sep 2015
After a time of investigating the site http://fullrefback.amazing-empire.com/, we decided to suspend a network of 39 users just mining money on our site. angry

We dont allow refback users on SweBux, and it has been stated so in our TOS all the way from the start of this site in 2010.

Payment proofs!
Posted by: admin on 10 May 2014
Please upload your payment proofs! There are lots of you that does not! Or else we have to make this a mandatory rule, and if not followed, no more payouts to those persons. sad
Swedish National Day!
Posted by: admin on 06 Jun 2013
Today we are celebrating the swedish national day! Upgrade today and get TWICE the time!
Happy Easter!
Posted by: admin on 05 Apr 2013
We wish you all a very happy Easter!
Posted by: admin on 01 Nov 2012
SweBux staff is on a short vacation! All cash outs are disabled until Sunday evening (4/11)! We will answer mail when we have time and if we have an internet connection!